Our company covers an wide range of activity in coastal engineering, from studies of marine hydrodynamics to engineering    projects, furthermore we are trained to handle the tools of numerical modeling of the system Mike 21 and Mike 3.

MIKE 21:

- Design data assessment for coastal and offshore structures
- Optimisation of port layout and coastal protection measuresa
- Cooling water, desalination and recirculation analysisn
- Optimisation of coastal outfalls
- Environmental impact assessment of marine infrastructures
- Ecological modelling including optimisation of aquaculture systems
- Coastal flooding and storm surge warnings


- Impact assessment of coastal works
- Optimisation of beach redevelopment schemes
- Design and evaluation of coastal protection
- Estimation of channel backfilling
- Execution of morphological baseline studies


- Assessment of hydrographic conditions for design, construction and operation of structures and plants in stratified waters
- Coastal and oceanographic circulation studies, including fine sediment dynamics
- Optimisation of coastal outfalls.
- Enviromental impact assessment of marine infrastructures
- Lake hydrodynamics and ecology
- Ecological modeling including optimisation of aquaculture system
- Coastal and marine restoration projects
- Analysis and optimisation of cooling water recirculation and desalination.

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