StepsWater provides consulting and engineering, emphasis in the marine, coastal and hydraulics. Our services will help to assess the status of existing infrastructure on the coast and build infrastructure projects in the medium term, indicating its potential impact on the environment, its impact on natural resources and the vulnerability of the coastal zone. Our service includes:

Numerical Modeling

Our coverage in the area of numerical modeling consists exclusively of DHI products, such as Mike 21 and Mike 3. Our company covers a wide range of activities in coastal engineering, from studies marine hydrodynamics until engineering projects.


The sector of aquiculture is a business in constant growth anywhere in the world, impacting the environment of the water and its surroundings. Stepswater through products (DHI), offers a range of solutions that can be very useful before initiating a cultivation center and to even improve the conditions of structures already existing in the place.

Evaluation of the thermal plume

For the evaluation of the thermal plume, Stepswater uses the tool of numerical modeling Mike 3 Flow FM. This three-dimensional tool allows to evaluate the spatio-temporal evolution of the plume based on the physical dynamics of the area and the own characteristics that will have the discharge.

Stepswater News

Stepswaters News: Stepswater participated in the seminar DHI, with the presentation "Assessment of landslide tsunami in Aysen Fjord, Chile.""


 MIKE 21 is a modeling system for 2D free-surface  flows that can be applied in lakes, estuaries, bays,  coastal areas, and seas. MIKE 21 can be applied to  a wide range of hydraulic phenomena, including  tidal currents, storm surges, secondary  circulations (eddies and vortices), harbour  seiching, dambreaks, and tsunamis. MIKE 21 also  includes modules for wind-wave prediction.

MIKE 3 provides the simulation tools if you need to model 3D free surface flows and associated sediment or water quality processes. MIKE 3 is widely recognized as the gold standard for environmental and ecological studies.

Design and implementation of efficient management strategies, either locally or regionally, require detailed knowledge of the physical processes controlling the transport and sedimentation of beach materials.


 Stepswater Solutions signed an agreement with the firm Bygsouth Engineering. Bygsouth is a company that develops technology   solutions for the industry. This integrated of a team of professionals capable of developing technologies and integrated solutions,   with the purpose of increase productive capacity, efficiency in the processes of management and competitive of the companies and  organizations that make up their clients. Fo rmore info, please visit

 MIKE by DHI Seminar and Training Course in Chile "MODELING THE WORLD OF WATER".

 The event counted with the prominent exposure of the general manager of the company Stepswater Solutions, Mr Francisco   Riquelme Salinas, with the theme "Assessment of landslide tsunami in Aysen Fjord, Chilean". The seminary was developed on day   21st March 2011 at the Club Manquehue, Santiago.Leer más...